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  • Mental Health Research Nepal

    Mental Wellness Is a Key for a Happy Life

Mental Health Research Nepal

Mental Health is an upcoming field and research on Mental Health in Nepal is in infancy state. Though there are really good research done in Nepal they are very few in number. It is due to several reasons;

  • Lack of awareness among professionals regarding need of research.
  • Clinical practice being more lucrative both financially as well as recognition wise than research work
  • Lack of awareness regarding applying grants for research and publication in international peer-reviewed journals.
  • Lack of proper training in research

Considering this we have planned to bring together all the people involved as well as interested in research in Mental Health in Nepal. We are here to help everyone by providing resources, sharing our experiences and connecting one another for a better outcome.
We have learned from our experience!! It was tough finding out small details regarding several issues and queries that we came across while trying to conduct studies here in Nepal. If you have similar problems, please ask us. We will try to solve your queries and will link you with experts working in this field since several years.

Projects that we are
ongoing and completed

We are continuously involved in several projects for the upliftment of research and academics in mental health in Nepal!

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