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Self Esteem And Marital Adjustment Among The Clients Maintained On Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program (MMTP)



The individual loses the skills necessary to function in life and ultimately exchanges living for his or her addiction. Self esteem and the marital adjustment has been seen as significant factors that impact in the individual’s substance using behavior.
The purpose of the study was to assess the level of self esteem and the marital adjustment among the patient under the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. Study participants comprised of 61 participants who met the inclusion criteria and gave the consent. It was a descriptive and cross-sectional study design. The study was carried out to determine the association between the socio-demographic variables, self esteem and marital adjustment. Relevant descriptive measures were calculated as per study objectives.
Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale was used to assess the level of self esteem and Marital Adjustment Questionnaire (MAQ) was used and to assess their marital adjustment. Among the respondent 46% were in age group of 36-45 years, 44% were from Newar Caste, 67% were Hindu, 36% had educational status of higher secondary level, 52% were involved in business by occupation and 59% were from joint family.
The mean self esteem score was found to be 21.20±2.09. Among the respondents 90.17% of the respondent showed satisfied marital adjustment and 9.83% were found to report dissatisfied marital adjustment. The mean social adjustment of the respondent was 7.93±1.01, mean emotional adjustment score was 9.92±1.49 and mean sexual adjustment score was 3.34±0.85. In overall marital adjustment, mean marital adjustment was found to be 21.20±2.09. 

Author's Name: Pramesh Man Pradhan



Author(s) : Pramesh Man Pradhan